Welcome to the virtual home of DigArt1 Studios and Rubey Shea. :)
If you like customized and scrumptious invitations and event decorations like these, give us a call for a free consultation at 727-469-3406 or 877-373-1989 or EMAIL: inviteplus@digart1.com or da1@digart1.com (that is a "one" not an "L").                                                                                                             Specials for our Brides and Friends from Brides by the Sea, Special Memories for Two Weddings and Mary With A Veil, Inc.            As artists, we develop designs based upon your needs to create your unique cards, invites and decorations. We can also use almost anything to create cutting files-A photo, favorite picture, stock files, etc.  We can also develop templates for you to take to your clothing or cake designer; or, replicate a pattern from your dress or cake for a unified theme.                                                                              We also design custom jewelry to reflect your unique style.        
Pardon our Dust_as we renew our website and load new 2015 products. 
Call 727 469 3406 for stationary and event decoration consult/service or to get a jewelry catalog.